Global Worship Team Meeting

Hi Worship Team Members! 

We want to take a second and thank you for your time and commitment, we are so blessed to worship with you guys! We have an important announcement we would like to make you aware of. Please make every effort to attend our Global Worship Meeting! Sunday, April 19th, 2015 at 2pm in VENUE! We will be discussing important changes within the worship department including a new scheduling system that will affect everyone.
We would also like to take some time to discuss our goals for 2015. The worship staff recently took an entire day to pray about and discuss these new goals for this year and we are excited to bring you in on them. We have a lot of updates you will need to know about.
We pray that this time is an exciting adventure for all of you. Water of Life as a whole is in a big transition with the new building and we are so excited to partner in what God is doing here! We appreciate all you do and hope to see you April 19th!
Thank you!

Winter 2015 News

Hello Team!
We are so thankful for each one of you and your dedication to WOL and worshipping the Lord.
We have several changes to announce: firstly, due to a high volume of waste and unused charts, we will no longer be printing charts for worship services. Please print your own music or use a tablet if you need charts available for rehearsals and services. Secondly, in order to simplify we will no longer be differentiating between “call time” and “ready to play” in our reminder texts. Please note that from now on “call time” and “ready to play” both mean the time at which you are expected to be on stage with your instrument and equipment set and ready for rehearsal. Thirdly, SHIFT phase 2 is upon us. Beginning this weekend (Feb 7th-8th), band members on the East Ave. campus MUST park cars in lot B before rehearsal. There can be no exceptions to this as we enter the next phase of construction and are completely losing the parking lot below the Worship Center. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in serving the Water of Life community off the stage.When we began the SHIFT campaign, we introduced a hospitality ministry for the East Ave. campus worship teams on Sunday mornings. We have awesome volunteers who provide breakfast following first service worship, and it’s a great time of fellowship for us as a team. For a while now Soul Celebration has been doing a brief devotional on the 3rd Sunday of each month during breakfast in Seminar I. If any musicians in Club56, Activate, Video Café, and the Worship Center would like to join them, Soul would love to have you.

Finally, and most importantly, our hearts are heavy with the passing of Matt Garcia this past weekend. Matt started to play bass for Water of Life in 2001, and he became family to many of us on staff and many of you on the team. He will be greatly missed but we know we will see him again one day playing his instrument with all the angels in heaven!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We wanted to take a minute and wish you all, along with your loved ones, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2014 was an awesome year for WOL and worship, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We have great things to look forward to in 2015 as a worship team and a church, the biggest of which is the opening of the new sanctuary. However, there are great things coming between now and then including what is kicking off in January: the recently relocated Rancho Venue will begin having 2 services each Sunday morning at 9 and 11. Praise God that WOL is reaching hearts! Please also mark your calendars for the Night of Worship and Prayer on January 16th.

We are so thankful for each of you and the commitment you’ve made to the worship team. That commitment encompasses not just your time, but also the attitudes with which you serve, and you all are the BEST! Seriously.

Thank you, and have a blessed Christmas.

Fall 2014 News

Hey WOL Worshippers!


Despite the high temperatures and lack of beautiful autumn foliage, Fall is actually here and with it comes a new WOL Worship update!   As always, we are utterly thankful to each and every one of you for your service to us as a worship department and to WOL as a whole. It’s a pleasure to get to minister to God and people with you, and we are so blessed by you week after week.


Some of you may be aware that for the past 3 years, we’ve had worship leading interns. Well, we’ve made substantial changes to the internship program—including getting rid of the term “intern”—and we’re really excited to watch the group develop. Please help welcome and encourage our newest worship leading apprentices—Cassey Dumapias, Hannah Griffin, Karen Kemper, Joseph Valverde, and Josh Vizcarra—along with Evan Jarrell, who is in our worship leading mentorship program. They will each be getting more involved in worship at WOL over the next 9 months, so, keep your eyes peeled for them in the ministry/venue you regularly serve!


Next, we want to invite the entire worship team to join us to help CityLink pack Thanksgiving meals in November. It’s always nice to be able to step off the platform and serve as people, not as musicians and singers. Pack and Praise will be Sunday November 16th from 2:30-6:00pm at the CityLink Wharehouse: 16815 Spring St., Fontana, CA 92335. If you can join us, please register at


We will send out reminders the week of, but mark your calendars for the end of Daylight Savings on November 2nd and capitalize on an extra hour of sleep!


We love and appreciate you all. Thank you for being such shining examples of the love and graciousness of God. See you soon!

Summer 2014 News 

Hello Friends,

A few changes have come for WOL Worship—it is with excitement and sadness we say, “goodbye” to Ben Ishizuka and Jake Haber. As some of you already know, Ben accepted a job as Worship Director for Gold Creek Community Church in Seattle, WA. He’s actually driving up to Washington as you read this! We’re excited for him as he begins the next stage of his calling as a worship leader, but we already miss him. Ben has been a part of WOL Worship for over 3 years, and we will feel his absence as a worship leader, a musician, and a person who genuinely cares about those around him. Sometime this summer Jake will also be stepping down as a staff member at Water of Life. Jake isn’t going as far, but he will no longer be overseeing Activate worship or a regular part of the Pure team. As he transitions into life in Los Angeles, we will probably see less of him at WOL as a worship leader and electric guitar player, but we hope he’ll be able to fit us into his increasingly busy schedule! We are so sorry to see Ben and Jake go—their loss will be felt (especially their humor!), but we are thankful to know them and to continue to journey with them from a distance as they move on to more of the countless things God has in store for their lives.

We are grateful every day to get to work with such an awesome staff of worship leaders and incredible volunteers. What we do in worship week in and week out at WOL is nothing short of amazing. Your kindness, your talent, your servant-heartedness is truly unmatched, and it’s a pleasure to be in community with you.

WOL Worship Staff

Breakfast Is Served!

Hey Everyone,

Great news! This Sunday (April 6th) we’re launching the new hospitality ministry for worship and media volunteers on main campus. Please know we love and appreciate those who are serving at Upland, Rancho, and Sunday evenings, but for the time being this will only be available on the East Ave. campus each Sunday morning during the 8:50am service.

Immediately following first service worship, follow your worship leader to the newly remodeled two-story where breakfast will be provided. Along with the food, there will be space for fellowship and space to watch the message which will be live-streamed from the Worship Center! We appreciate your service to Water of Life and want to thank you for it, but it’s extremely important that we be mindful of the time. The Worship Center worship leader will be in charge of watching the clock and will let everyone know when it’s time to leave in order to get back to your venue in time to close the service.

Finally, just a reminder that we all need to park in the lots below Miller Ave. before rehearsal Sunday mornings as part of the new SHIFT initiative. Thank you for making the extra time and effort to park in the south lots!

Enjoy breakfast! :)

Spring 2014 News

Hi All,

As always, there is a lot going on here at WOL, and we will get to the construction related news shortly. First, we want to thank you all for going above and beyond for the worship series in the fall.  It was a blessing to see so many of you come early to pray for our congregation and community; your hearts for the Lord and people are amazing.  The feedback from the worship series was overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve continued to see the fruit of the series weekend after weekend.  The congregation seems to have grasped worship in a deeper way, and we want to continue to foster that growth.  In order to do so, we will frequently be using the split-set model we employed during the worship series; having worship after the message gives people a chance to respond and engage God in a way they probably wouldn’t otherwise.  We recognize the extra sacrifice it takes to stay to the end of the service when we split the sets, and we’re grateful that you all stepped up for the cause during and since the worship series, and ask that you be open to it becoming more typical of the way services are structured.

Next—how will construction on the new sanctuary at East Ave affect you?  On April 27th the parking lot behind the venues will no longer be open for general parking.  As an example to the rest of the church, we’re asking all servant leaders to join the Water of Life staff in parking in the south lots (below Miller) on Sunday mornings effective immediately—this Sunday, March 23rd.  Once April 27th arrives, there will be increased shuttle service beginning promptly at 6:30am, but until then, we’ll have to walk!  There will be also be an official loading and unloading zone by April 27th, but in the meantime, when you come Sunday mornings for rehearsal, please arrive 10 minutes early to unload your equipment, move your car to park in one of the south lots, and walk to your venue.  You may park in closer lots on Saturday and Sunday evenings—parking in the south lots is only a must for Sunday mornings.  Finally, there will be increased security around campus monitoring the south parking lots and available to anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable walking alone, but as we transition, please call or text your worship leader if you are alone, especially if it’s dark outside, so someone can meet you—we want to make sure everyone is safe.

Now, the more distant parking coupled with the faster turnaround that exists having worship before AND after the message means less time for breakfast, and we know it’s a long day if you don’t eat!  We want to honor you all for your sacrifice and make life as easy as possible for you during this time of transition, so, in the next few weeks we’ll roll-out a hospitality plan that will be special just for worship and media staff and volunteers.  It will be on campus, and we will provide breakfast and a place to fellowship and/or watch the sermon during first service.  So, hang tight, but know that it’s just around the corner!  Thanks in advance for parking in the south lots on Sunday mornings, and we’ll update you with the hospitality info and additional parking/shuttle/security info over the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, we’re centralizing our communication, so please email for general comments, questions, and concerns—particularly scheduling changes, time-off requests, and vacation FYIs.

Thank you—it’s an honor and a privilege to play, sing, and serve with you all!